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i lost my feet, i lost my feet among the alleys
and when i felt them, they were cold
and they went green, and i had to cut them from my legs
and by the time that night fell, i was old

i was unkind, i was a burden to my family
unto my enemies, was kinder than my friends
and in a hurricane of arrogance i sought to strike anew
and so i fled, i
fled across the ocean, fled across the sea
cut through the commotion, bathing in the breeze
found a hidden isle, built a towering city
and sired a million, people to live with me
and we engorged ourselves and laughed, feasting oh so very fast, sumptuous tidings did last
for a while

we built great feats, congratulating and exulting
the good fortune fled, up my sleeves
and in my eye, would always be morning
glinting off the statues, made for me

but then a dearth, but then the dearth filled up the valleys
and the battered soil burst and belched smoke
and there were no trees, left to retain our dignity
and upon my statues, a wave of hunger broke
the mouths were melting, into rats and weeds, scurvy lips were scabbed, engorging salty sea, inhaling the surroundings, 'fore they turned to me
and to escape this fetid fate, poured acid on my face, dethroned despairing placed, myself inside the angry aching belly of the city i defaced

and i am kavakava, dermodentata,
obligately agriculturally unable to feed myself
so i am parasitoid, totally void
of any empathy im ringing you im ringing you for all your wealth

so i'll fly across the oceans, fly across the seas, flee from the commotion, battered by the breeze,
find a little isle where i can hide in peace, while a million people hunt for me
while my works of art do fade, statues crumbling, and we forget the songs of praise, as our lonely city in the salty sea is washed away


from Trundlebee, released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Trundlebee Brighton, UK

guitar and song

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