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there's a sound penetrating the air
there's a sound a rollin through the fields to my head
there's a sound penetrating my back
and it's splintering spines with it's maudlin attack
and i can't help but cry when thinking back
at the howl
it's born of squalor and disease
of sentient souls too tightly squeezed
and it's born of festering feet
growing green in the blistering heat
and the air is so thick it's too hard to breathe
in the hell house

and with your mouth you'll melt their beaks
grinding babes with your grinning teeth
and singeing your tongue on their flesh
is singeing scars on a baby's breast
so suck up your milk and your steak
a moment's pleasure, a lifetime's pain
but oh you're doing just fine
just close your eyes and pretend to be blind
oh god i hate some people sometimes
how could you

and a hundred years will pass
and they'll all look back aghast
with the same gaze that we cast
on a hundred years a' past
and a hundred years will roll
and we'll never count the toll
of the ends that we allow
in the age of the howl


from Trundlebee, released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Trundlebee Brighton, UK

guitar and song

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